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Prior Park benches


The National Trust commissioned 3 big curved benches featuring lines of Alexander Popes poetry cared into the surface.This was part of an award-winning re-interpretation of the site .Crispin, on the right in the photo, cut the wood. David, in the middle, made the benches and I carved the lettering.

Repetition without deviation



Have just finished carving 72 of these Architectural woodcarvings for Kensington property. Delivered to Interior Designer on time and to budget. Now I can get on with more interesting coat of arms.

Autumn colours, Mexico style


Lovely commission recently, from talented painter and illustrator Corinna Sargood, to carve a frame that she would then paint featuring many of the glorious plants and animals of Mexico that she knows well. Here's how it looked in my workshop and, later, in full colour:

Rustic house sign & a happy customer


Enjoyed carving this house sign and pleased to say the owner is happy with the end result. She emailed me to say:

"Just to say received my house sign and it is absolutely lovely - thanks so much i love it. It is going to be hung between 2 trees and will look fantastic."

This lettering type is called Strayhorn and is named after a jazz pianist.

As You Like It


Here's some lovely oak capitals that I worked on with Laurence Beckford that are destined for Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Some more work yet to do on this project and I noticed on their website that they are already taking bookings for shows in the new indoor playhouse there so, as Macbeth may say : "Come what come may, time and the hour run through the roughest day"

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