New benches in Rodden meadow

Frome town council held a competition to devise slogans to decorate two new oak benches for a well-loved meadow in the centre of Frome. I carved the lettering as a favour and we toasted their arrival with some local cider! A lovely community project.
Here's photos of me with the slogan writers Tim O'Connor and John Payne


Georgian (brackets) carving

Work in progress on a pair of brackets for a new Georgian house:


Light relief for Wylye Valley art trail

On the bench this week some light relief ready to go on exhibition at Matthew Burt's workshop in Hindon. It's venue 35 on the Wylye Valley art trail. Full info at www.wvat.co.uk


Frome bench slogan competition

"Park yourself here"....?

I'm sure you can improve on this and you'd love to see your inspired slogan carved beautifully onto one of two new solid oak benches that Frome Town Council has ordered for Rodden Meadow, the most lovely open green space near the town centre?

The council bought two new solid benches and I've agreed, as a donation, to carve a short slogan onto each one of them so they decided to make it a competition with the town mayor, Peter Macfadyen choosing the winners. No prize other than the pride of seeing your words in wood.

You are limited to 40 characters for your slogan - including spaces!


Repetition without deviation

Have just finished carving 72 of these Architectural woodcarvings for Kensington property. Delivered to Interior Designer on time and to budget. Now I can get on with more interesting coat of arms.